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I was in charge of creating shanty building kit for highway mission.

Placement was done by other artists.


Due to the characteristic of extremely long range sniping gameplay in the wide opened area, I had to create the entire shanty town with a model kit other than using BSP.

All the models in this kit have LODs and the last LODs are made of 2D plane cards that have deep baked normal maps (material's normal + geometry's normal) so each cards look like 3D objects than 2D planes.  

I made this buildkit using materials that were already being used in the map for no additional texture memory. 

I blended these materials to make each building look unique as much as I could.  

I have also worked on the interior of the room for restocking ammo.

All the walls and damages on the wall are modeled and I used layered materials for low drawcalls.

Terrain work was done in BSP.

The ceiling was made of model kits from In-house library 

Prop set-dressing (all the props were done and provided by prop team.

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